The answer is VASEGHIA.

British Fashion Designer and haute couture label based in London, Alisa Vaseghi has been developing innovative collections over the past two years.

Her last collection inspired by the connecting tissues of the human brain, creating a new material by using one of the most powerful hand-held glue guns available, 1000 watts of power with pneumatic speed loader and glue sponsored by Glue Guns Direct.

Always been excited with and interested in using non-conventional materials to create something different but beautiful.

Before Alisa started University, she designed her first collection using PVC pipes knitted with Felton wool. In her second year at UEL, the BA Fashion Design programme provided Alisa with the creative freedom to use any material and inspiration that she wanted. This allowed Alisa to explore her interest in brain scans, which triggered the idea of using glue to communicate the connection between the tissues of the human brain.

In 2017, Alisa entered into the Sophie Hallette competition, where students from 21 top fashion universities across the UK were asked to research and experiment on traditional lace and transform it into a wearable wardrobe or bespoke couture.  Alisa has been one of 12 finalists fortunate enough to be provided with luxury lace and combining this with glue forming her most recent Autumn/ Winter 2017 collection.

The creative process for Alisa’s glue collection has taken over two years of dedication, which has been challenging but extremely enjoyable. VASEGHIA then faced the challenge of seaming garments using only glue and overlocking, which is particularly challenging when working with curved seams!  However, every day has been a process of getting closer and closer to the collection being complete, refining techniques and experimenting with new materials.

Being sponsored by Glue Guns Direct has been one of Alisa’s proudest moments and has motivated her to continue with pursuing every opportunity that she can find.

Alisa’s advice to upcoming designers is “don’t stop looking for those collaborations and experiences in the industry, because it can build you amazing set of contacts and skills which will help you grow”. This personal mantra has more recently provided her with the great opportunity to show her collection at London Fashion Week 2017 as part of the Fashion Collective Charity Catwalk Show, an exclusive charity event held in support of BBC Children in Need at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall, London.

VASEGHIA aspires to an exciting future of continuing to create couture one-off pieces and growing the business into ready to wear collections online.  Her experiences so far at London Fashion Week, her collaboration with SHOWStudio and the Sophie Hallette competition have broadened her understanding of the aspects of fashion she wants to continue work in.